Indigenous communities

Indigenous Peoples have lived in the Boreal Forest for millennia. Now more than 600 Indigenous communities rely on the forest for food, medicine, cultural tradition and economic prosperity.

The boreal is where the majority of Indigenous Peoples in Canada live today, from the Gwich'in and Dene in the west to the Cree and Innu in the east. Communities across the forest draw on Indigenous knowledge and science to care for their traditional territories.


Land Use Planning

Indigenous communities have been caring for the Boreal Forest for thousands of years based on their knowledge of the land and cultural traditions. Read more >


A hand holds a nest in front of a lake

Indigenous Protected Areas

Indigenous nations and communities are proposing, creating and managing protected areas across the Boreal Forest. Read more >


Indigenous Guardians

About 30 Indigenous Nations and communities have launched Indigenous Guardians programs to help manage traditional territories