Boreal Conservation offers news, research and stories about efforts to balance strong protections and sustainable development throughout Canada’s Boreal Forest.

This site sponsored by the International Boreal Conservation Campaign (IBCC). Initiated nearly 20 years ago, IBCC is a collaborative, multi-faceted initiative that includes the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, Ducks Unlimited IncorporatedDucks Unlimited Canadathe Pew Charitable Trusts, Resources Legacy Fund, Canadian Parks and Wilderness SocietyWildlands League, and Boreal Songbird Initiative. The campaign also works directly with dozens of First Nations and collaborates with other Indigenous and environmental NGOs, and organizational and individual partners. 

IBCC’s shared vision for the future of boreal forests is embodied in the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, a science-based approach to sustaining the Canadian Boreal Forest through conservation and responsible economic development. The framework proposes that at least half of Canada’s Boreal Forest will be safeguarded to sustain nature in a network of parks, refuges and other protected areas and the remainder should be developed carefully, using state-of-the-art stewardship practices.

A critical part of the Boreal Framework vision is our explicit recognition that Canada’s Indigenous Peoples must lead efforts to conserve the boreal region. IBCC is committed to ensuring this principle guides all boreal conservation efforts.  To that end, one of our chief partners is the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, a growing network of distinguished Indigenous elders, experts, former elected officials and younger activists, guiding many of IBCC’s activities and investments.  ILI is dedicated to advancing Indigenous nationhood as the indispensable means to achieve boreal conservation, development and stewardship. 

The Boreal Framework is supported by 1,500 scientists from around the world, scores of businesses, Indigenous leaders and nations and conservation organizations, and it has informed land use planning and decisions by Canadian and Indigenous governments and progressive corporations.

BorealConservation.org shares the work of IBCC partners as well as many others committed to conserving the Boreal Forest.  





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